Founder + Director 

Hey, I am Cody Hansen! I am the founder of Exist Media Co. I am known to my friends and family as a coffee connoisseur, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, and spending time with loved ones! I will be graduating in May with my Bachelors in Supply Chain Management and Business Administration. I had a desire to start to Exist. because I loved seeing stories and moments come to life! Being able to film and make others happy in the process is something I get really excited about. I got into video half a decade ago with the intention to film road trips with friends. You could say it started with the fear of forgetting valuable moments in my life, and wanting to find a way to remember them. Not long after, people asked me to film moments in their life as well, and we were in business! I love everything about the filmmaking process, and making memories last forever. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you, and help your important moments exist for as long as possible. 

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Photographer + Filmmaker 

Heyo! I'm Natalie Cooper, but most people call me Nat. I am an outgoing, driven, and creative individual, and I am so excited to apply these qualities to my role as a Content Creator. I started taking photos in high school, but found my love for it again after coming full time here at at Exist Media Co. Working with all of these creative individuals inspires me and reminds me every day why we do what we do. I'm looking forward to show you everything we've got.

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Filmmaker + Editor 

Hi, I’m Grace! I am a Filmmaker at Exist Media Co. I grew up with the love of storytelling all around me, my mom has been a professional photographer for as long as I can remember and my love for capturing moments started with her passion. To me creating and sharing stories is what life is all about, which is why filmmaking became an important part of my life as everyone has a story worth sharing and Exist Media gives me the opportunity to share yours. In my free time I love getting outside, trying new things, and capturing moments of people I love. It's a gift to get to share your story and I'm excited to bring it to life. 

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Filmmaker + Editor 

Yooo! My name is Riley Call and I a filmmaker at Exist Media. That is just a fancy way of saying I am one of the dedicated team members here at Exist. I have a very outgoing and extrospective personality with a passion for people. As a curious individual, I understand that everyone has a story to share. Exist Media Co. has provided me with the amazing opportunity to help people share their experiences. Like many others on the team, I enjoy the thrill of seeking adventure. This passion helps drive me to explore new avenues in the video production industry and think of new ways to use our services to help others achieve their goals. I am always hyped about meeting new people when we start a new project, so I can't wait to meet you. 

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Filmmaker + Editor 
What’s up? My name is Rob and I am a fellow creative representative and content creator here at Exist Media Co. A few things I am overly passionate about are music, as well as making music, lifting and exercising, and making memories with those who are important to me. I tend to be a fairly loud and happy individual who always looks on the bright side of things, in which I apply this personality to the team and who we are as a brand! I’m always up for new creative challenges and producing content that people want, and Exist Media Co. gives me these rare opportunities that I will never regret. Exist is truly something special, and I am excited to work with you and create content that supports your needs.

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Hi there! My name is Victoria Pitzer, and I am a photographer at Exist Media Co. I have always had a love for photography, even as a kid, so when the opportunity arose for me to be one at Exist, I jumped. I'm a sucker for Golden Hour photos with a light and airy style, but you also might catch me drooling over moody, darker tones, especially in the winter months. As a true romantic, and a bride-to-be myself (engaged to the handsome director of Exist), I strive to treat your wedding and engagement photos as my own, and do my best to capture your dream images. Outside of weddings, I absolutely love doing family sessions, newborn sessions, maternity shoots, and even the occasional best friend shoots! Photography is a timeless art, with each image being its own masterpiece. I look forward to working with you, and capturing all of your life's greatest moments. 

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Account Manager + Copywriter 

Hello, everyone! My name is Emily Yaritz and I am the account manager and copywriter for EXIST!  Most people know me as a businesswoman with a knack for practicality, but the people who know me best know I have a huge passion for the creative side of things-which explains why I hold the positions I do! When you can’t find me working for EXIST, you will be able to find me at the gym or spending time with my friends and family (especially my Golden Retriever, Molly)! As a person who likes to load their plate quite full and keep busy, I am also a triple major at UW - River Falls. Now that you know a little about me, it’s time for me to learn about you! I cannot wait to work with you and capture some of your most special moments.

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Hi, I’m Maddie! I’m a vibrant and an imaginative designer excited to be joining the Exist team as an Editor! I was born and raised right here in the twin cities and grew up in Woodbury, Minnesota. I go to UW-Eau Claire where I’ll be graduating this December with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. From the time I was in high school, I’ve been fascinated with photography. I discovered my true desire to pursue art and design when I was studying in Florence, Italy during 2019. With that being said, I love traveling and exploring different parts and unique perspectives of the world, outside of my own scope. When I’m not behind the screen of my laptop or the lens of my camera, you can find me enjoying the outdoors—no matter the season; I love to bike, hike, swim and ski! My passions mixed with my work ethic help me embrace my goals as a designer: making connections, showcasing my clients story, and welcoming change to the creative world we live in! Let’s Exist together! 

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Graphic Designer 

Hey there! I'm Rebekah, and I am the graphic designer for Exist Media Co. I am a driven and compassionate individual with lots of love for our Earth and multitudes of dreams to travel the world. I had the opportunity to study abroad in Australia which brought me so much joy and increased my love for this planet. I think it's safe to say that sunshine is my best friend! Over the years, I have also fallen in love with design. Creating brings me excitement, energy, and freedom, and I want to be a part of work that is expressive, influential, and beneficial to people's lives and the World's. Exist is the perfect place for that! Graphic design is so important and works wonders - completely changing the way we see places around us. Let's create together... I can't wait to get started!

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