Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

Have you found yourself asking if you need a wedding videographer for your day? We know it can be confusing. Through conversations with people over time, we have chosen a few key reasons wedding videography is a must on your wedding day! If you are new to the world of wedding videography that's okay! The growth of wedding films has been significant. We've lost count of the number of times that a member of a wedding party has told us they did not have video on their wedding day and wished they did. Immediately after their day is over, most couples wish they had it documented as it goes by so fast. With that, we have created our top 5 reasons for why you should hire a wedding videographer!

1. A life-like memory of your wedding

  • Your wedding day will go by very fast, having the video coverage will remind you of your best day ever for many years to come.

  • Your video is what we call wedding memory insurance. This is the single day you’ve been planning for a year or more, probably even dreaming about your whole life. And it’s finally here. Having a wedding film captures that moment in time for you to relive.

  • Getting the best videography coverage you can is going to make the difference between watching your wedding film once and watching it countless times.

  • A great videographer will not only document the day’s events, rather the love between you and your fiance. That story is what makes your film amazing enough to be your favorite film.

2. You get to see things you wouldn’t have seen otherwise

  • You can’t possibly see how your guests will react to certain parts of your day – but on film, you’ll be able to look back at everyone and see things that you may not have seen if you didn’t hire a wedding videographer.

  • You get to experience completely new things that you didn’t see on your wedding day, experiencing your wedding in a brand new way.

3. Capture friends and family in that stage of life

  • A wedding video gains value overtime as family and friends get older.

  • Video shows the real emotion of their day.

  • No matter who is invited, it will be wonderful to look back at your wedding video in years to come, to see how people have changed from then to now. Having that lifetime memory of grandparents, for example, could be priceless.

4. You will be able to share it with people who were not able to attend.

  • Aside from watching your wedding video on repeat at home – your wedding videographer is able to create a shorter version for you to share with your friends on social media

  • If you plan on having children in the near future, or if you have them before you get married, sharing your wedding day with them is something both will treasure.

5. You will be able to relive your perfect day on your anniversary again…and again…

  • Every year you are celebrating your anniversary and creating more meaningful moments together, having this level of documentation will have all the wedding day memories flooding back.

  • It's better than eating a year old cake..

We know that they are multiple things that can hold a couple back from making a decision on a wedding videographer. In cases, you want to be mindful of your budget and who is paying for the wedding, in others, you might be saving for your life together. But we know from experience, your wedding video is an investment that you won't regret! Just because you don't watch it everyday doesn't mean it's not worth it - think of the 30 year from now version of you!

Another reservation we hear is that you might think wedding videography is overwhelming. We know there will be many guests gathered around you, and adding more cameras in the mix seems like a lot. This is why it is important to choose the right videographers that understand and respect your space! Be sure to ask questions when talking with your videographer. A well experienced video team knows that it's not only about the deliverables. It's about making sure you are comfortable and enjoying your day. Your reservations are something a good wedding videographer has no issue overcoming.

We hope these provide you with some insights regarding the value of video on your wedding day! Always feel free to connect with us if you have more questions regarding wedding videography (or wedding photography).