Planning Your Wedding Day

We know it can be intimidating to plan your big day, but we strive to make it smooth and simple. Which is why we created this video to help you with your planning process.

There are a few major things that will determine your schedule and the hours of media coverage that will follow. Determining the most important moments you would like covered is key to creating your perfect schedule.

Here are some of the major moments that will allow you to create an outline.




Pre-Ceremony includes getting ready, first-look, and time with your wedding party are all special moments that you may want captured.


Solidifying a ceremony time is usually the easiest place to start. Oftentimes we see ceremonies can start anywhere from 2:30pm-5:00pm and locking in that ceremony will allow you to begin building your morning and evening schedule.


Of course there are many special moments that happen after your ceremony ends, these typically include speeches, first dances, golden hour, and a send-off. Blocking out sections of time in your reception is important for the flow of your evening coverage. There are a few things we tell couples to keep in mind while scheduling their evening and the importance of timing on golden hour, speeches and dances.

Speeches: our biggest tip is speeches will often take longer than you might think. One tip we have is to plan to be 30 minutes behind when scheduling your coverage. Golden Hour: when it comes to scheduling your golden hour session, keep in mind time of year is really important. We typically start golden hour sessions 30 minutes before the sun sets. First Dances: dances are typically between 3-5 minutes in length and scheduling time for them is important.

Our biggest tip is if you’re unsure of how to allocate your hours of coverage then we recommend working backwards from a special moment in the evening (send-off’s, fireworks, etc.)

Of course this is just an outline and we love working directly with clients to create a seamless schedule for their day, so of course we are happy to assist in creating a schedule curated to your specific needs. There is no rush to get it all done quickly, we know planning takes time so we allow hours of coverage to be added at any time up to 30 days before your wedding date!

We hope this video provided you with some information on how to best plan your wedding schedule and the creative coverage around it.

Please reach out to us with any additional questions you might have! Best of luck in all your planning!