One Day This Will Be The Story Future Generations Get To Look Back On // Cody Hansen // Founder

From making his first video in high school to starting his own company while in college, Cody Hansen’s life is in and out of itself an epic production. A production that one day that those who come after him will be able to relive.

A kid wanting to start their own business in college is often thought of as a pipedream, but a kid starting their own business while in college, now that’s just unrealistic. Unrealistic for everyone but Cody. While other college kids dreamt about starting their own businesses, Cody went out and made his dreams a reality. However, just like Rome, EXIST wasn’t built in a day.

As you can all imagine, when a college student announces to the world that they want to start their own business, they are instantly met with doubt and it was no different for Cody. Everyone had something to say about it whether it was, “maybe you should consider doing it on the side?” or “do you know how hard it is to run your own business?”, but that didn’t scare Cody away from doing what he loved. In fact, it motivated him. He realized that just because other people require a certain level of security and certainly in their life doesn’t mean he had to.

So Cody began investing in himself and in the company. Gathering those closest to him to become a part of something special, acquiring inventory to set them apart from everyone else, and committing to a variety of projects to continually grow, Cody grew EXIST faster than he could ever have imagined. While everyone had made their own expectations about Cody and EXIST, he had quickly surpassed them all.

Once just a kid with a dream, Cody can’t help but look back with amazement and gratitude for everyone that has helped him along the way. He realizes that there are still many areas that he and the company can improve upon, but in typical Cody fashion, he is ready to prove some more people wrong. But maybe more importantly, he is ready to prove himself right.

Cody Hansen will always win against time, that is one thing I am sure of. Whether it was starting his own company in college, or now creating memories that will outlast the test of time, he will always win. One day this company will be the legacy he leaves behind. A story so incredible that even the people who never met him will be inspired by.