Nothing Less Than Everything //Emily Yaritz // Account Manager & Writer

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I demand a lot out of myself in every aspect of my life. I like to keep my plate full, my eyes on the prize at all times.

I believe this is what makes me so valuable to this company. My ability to push on when others have already quit is unmatched, and while I always want to be where I am the biggest asset to a team, I also love stepping outside of my comfort zone.

So far at EXIST, I have dabbled in management, photography and videography, and now blogging. However, my position at EXIST is much more than the title I have at the current time. At EXIST, I am defined by my heart and my tenacity. To understand that statement, one must realize that when you are a part of new company, you are going to have to get shot down, you’re going to face a lot of criticism, you’re going to be working odd hours, you’re not going to be making millions of dollars, and you always have to be willing to stick your neck on the line for what you believe in. When working for a startup company, you have to be the most tenacious version of yourself and you have to have a lot of heart for what you are doing. Which is why coming to work for me is so easy-I don’t have to change my mindset or who I am.

With all of that being said, another thing you need to understand is that the sacrifices I make when I go to work are different from the average person, but so are the results. I truly believe there is no greater feeling than seeing your hard work pay off, and working for a startup, you get to see that firsthand. EXIST is the company I had a hand in building. This is the house that I helped build.

So yes, it’s not always the easiest, but it is one of the most meaningful things I have ever been a part of. It is something I can recognize changed my life for the better. It is something I can be proud of. It is something that will never fail to make me smile. It is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. It is something that I will tell my grandkids about one day.

These people are my family, and this company is my home. I am forever grateful.

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