Inspired // Maddie Detviler // Editor

As is the case for so many others, the decision to step into the creative world is an intimidating one. The creative world isn’t this safe and secure financial situation that everyone admires and supports. The creative world is a risk, but it’s a risk that Maddie is willing to take any day of the week.

Ever since Maddie was in high school, she has been fascinated with photography. However at the time, it was just that, a fascination. Maddie had plans to go into nursing, it was a safe place to land, something that everyone needed. So she went off to college convinced that healthcare was the right choice to make, but that all changed in 2019 when Maddie studied abroad in Florence, Italy.

There is little Maddie loves more than traveling, so when the opportunity arose in her sophomore year of college to study abroad in Italy, she jumped on it. Little did she know at the time that that trip would change her life, that she would come back a different person.

In Florence, Maddie fell in love with the art and beauty she was surrounded by. She was moved in a way she had never been before. She was inspired. The longer she was in Italy, the more inclined she felt to pursue art as a career.

Despite the fear that came with the creative world and changing her life’s path, when Maddie got home, she made the change to become a graphic design major. She knew graphic design was her calling. It’s what truly made her happy, it’s what made her herself, and it’s what made her feel alive.

Today, Maddie is a graphic designer for us and we all believe that the title “graphic designer” was made for her. Everything she offers is uniquely hers, so special it leaves everyone in awe that she’s just been doing this for a few years now. So although the creative world isn’t for everyone, it certainly is for Maddie, and while everyone is inspired by Maddie’s work, they are equally inspired by who she is as a person.

On behalf of everyone here at EXIST, we know that you will find yourself honored to exist in the same space as her too. We cannot wait to show you what she is capable of.

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