“If I Don’t Love It, I Can Do Better” // Rebekah (Bek) Bendorf // Graphic Designer

There’s a saying that goes something like, “sometimes on the way to a dream, you get lost and find a better one”. That’s exactly what happened in this story.

Rebekah’s journey to graphic design started as a child. Like many children, she loved to daydream. She would dream of producing and starring in her own music videos. However, on the way to this dream, one could say that she got lost and found a better one. The new dream came to her in high school when she was first introduced to graphic design. She fell madly in love. So far in love that she decided to not only get her bachelor’s degree in graphic design, but make a career out of it.

That takes us to today, where all of us at EXIST Media are very glad she got lost and found her way to our dream.

As the graphic designer for EXIST Media, Bek is able to use photography as an element for graphic design. Where other people ordinarily see a photo, she sees a thousand words, a thousand different ways to make up a design.

The world today is growing through all things digital, which is why what Bek does with graphic design is so crucial. Design captivates attention. If a company wants to stand out and be remembered, they need good design. However, Bek doesn’t just bring good design, she brings great design. She creates a design that stays with an audience long after they ordinarily would have forgotten all about it.

Bek’s deep love for what she does is what makes her such an asset to the company. Her attitude of “if I don’t love it, I can do it better” is contagious. And there is one thing I know for sure, the team loves her, and she can’t do it any better. She is in a league all her own and she will take your company to a league all their own as well. You will love her and her work just as much as we do, that’s a promise.

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