From The Ground Up // Rob Buckley // Filmmaker and Editor

Picture this, it’s the middle of the night one day in October. While the majority of people are sound asleep, Rob’s dream is keeping him awake. Acting on a feeling, Rob texts Cody, and that’s where the real dream starts.

For as long as he can remember, Rob has always been interested in the editing aspect of video production. He grew up making home videos and watching YouTube, wondering how he could make a living off of video production. Eventually, Rob’s love of YouTube and video production turned into him starting his own YouTube channel based around a video game. This YouTube channel is where the interest in production and editing turned into a passion, which brings us to the middle of the night one day in October when Rob texts Cody to be mentored.

Cody was the only one Rob knew of that had his hands in video production, but what is really unique is that Rob didn’t even know EXIST existed at the time. Rob’s sole purpose in texting Cody was to better himself, which is another thing that is unique about Rob’s story: all his motivation is intrinsic.

It didn’t take long for Rob to figure out that EXIST did indeed exist, and he quickly devoted himself to the mission.

Fast Forward to today, just under a year from Rob’s initial text to Cody, and Rob is arguably our most improved employee. He went from learning the basics of video production and editing to being able to take on a whole project all by himself. That kind of improvement is not only a testament to who Rob is as an employee, but who he is as a person. Rob is truly one of a kind. We could not be more proud to have him on our team, and as a client we can guarantee you will love his personality and his work just as much as we do.

While Rob is a standout filmmaker and editor, he still believes that he has so much more to showcase. This is just the beginning for Rob, the sky is truly the limit for someone like him. So, Buckley up, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

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