Exist Weddings Videography Packages Breakdown For 2022

We know wedding videos can seem intimidating and expensive which is why we wanted to make this video to explain our wedding videography package and add-ons.

Through our years of shooting wedding videos, we have found that every couple has different video needs, wants, and budgets. So with that, we have formatted our packages in a way that provides the most amount of customization and creative involvement as your video should be as unique as your day!

Our base videography package starts out for $1995.00 which provides 8 hours of videography coverage from one videographer and a 3-5 minute highlight reel video. From there we have a wide range of add-on’s you can choose from to fit your specific needs.


Drone Footage:

One of our most common and my favorite add-on is Drone Footage. This includes twenty minutes of footage of the venue to incorporate into your highlight reel.

We believe that Drone footage creates a more dynamic wedding film. We charge $250 for this additional service. We would say this is added on about 60 to 70% of the time!

Additional Videographer:

Another very common add-on we have is the additional videographer for the day. Having a second person allows us to get twice as many angles to provide more diversified clips in the highlight film. Having the second videographer there day-of makes the flow of the day much easier for us which is why we love it so much.

This add-on totals $500.00. Lastly, having a second videographer makes scheduling drone flight time during the day much easier. This is why the add-on of the second videographer yields the drone add-on to be included for free.

Additional Coverage:

Oftentimes we find that couples will require more than 8 hours of coverage. If you have a large day planned with morning events or a send-off in the evening, then you will want to have us there for more!

We charge $150 for an extra hour of coverage for 1 videographer. If you have two of us, then it’s only $250. We currently don’t provide an option to have two videographers there and only add hours for one of them.

Audio Overlay:

The audio overlay is what you’ve seen in some highlight reels where you hear the couple's voices in either a letter or vow reading. We love incorporating this into our films and we think it adds a unique feature to telling your story. Ideally, this add-on allows you to relive your day in a more intimate way! We charge $200 for this addition to the video.

Ceremony + Speeches Edits:

We know there are so many special moments of your day you may want to see uncut which is why we have created an add-on for your biggest moments. This includes a ceremony edit with multiple angles as well as uncut footage from the toasts. We are primarily a highlight reel-based company that provides that creative twist on telling wedding stories. However, we are happy to document those major moments and provide these edits.

During the ceremony and speeches, we connect our audio recorder to the speakers or DJ soundboard to collect a recording directly from the microphones. This matched with our own mics provides a clean audio playback experience in these edits. For this add-on, we charge $300 and send you the two extra edits with your package in the mail.

:59 Second Teaser:

A fifty-nine-second teaser is a snippet of your day condensed into a short teaser perfect for Instagram. We usually create a fast phase vibe that shows a lot of the day in a very short film. This is a fun addition for many couples as it has a different feel than your highlight reel and allows you to share a small portion with family and friends on social media. We try to use different clips than seen in your highlight reel to create a new feeling entirely. We charge $350.00 for this add-on

We hope these answered some of your questions! If you have any more please feel free to let us know! Thank you so much, we are looking forward to working with you!