It is hard to think about how to start a blog like this. We have found it is necessary to share all we are doing here at Exist. Six months ago, if you told me (Cody) that Exist Media would expand, I would find it hard to believe. But not long ago, I started to question if this is something I could do full-time after college.

I never considered myself a filmmaker, small business owner, or even a creative person until recently. I felt I was not allowed to call myself these things. Mentally I thought I had no qualifications to have these titles. It was often because I would compare to the creatives around me. I felt my work did not meet the standard I wanted. Something I learned quickly, in that any industry you sink into, there will always be something ‘next’, and strong competitors. With that in mind, regardless of what I feel I can call myself; it doesn’t matter unless I am confident in it. Improving skills is part of any professional career. So, I am crushing that toxic mindset of comparison, and will just be proud of what I/we can do to Exist.

You see, there was not a singular event or realization that we needed to expand. A few things happened that allowed us to push for Exist the Project.

Throughout the last 18 months, I have spent my time with this company filming weddings. Wedding videography is something I seriously enjoy. I have gotten to the point, that wedding videography hardly feels like work. I mean, it feels like work... the hours put it the coordinating, filming then editing is massive. But the gratification that is supplied by a happy bride is unparallel. I am so grateful more and more brides are finding ways to connect with us. I am happy to say we have already doubled our bookings for next year.

This brings me to what is Exist the Project. Well, it is a few things. The idea of the project is to build the company into a profitable, legitimate media business. Probably a little ambitious, but more than possible. The first step in getting here is to bring on some like-minded people that will help me build something big. We are all motivated by the same thing. Simply, people. Stories. Experiences. Every media company preaches this, so I will not talk too much about the motivation. I think many people in our position, might say the same thing. What separates us is our commitment. Most of us are full-time employees and students elsewhere, meaning our free time is often dedicated to Exist. Meetings, filming, and, editing.

With Exist Media splitting into two branches (creative and weddings) we can narrow our focus. Our goal and intention of Exist Creative are to work with companies, brands, people, organizations, movements, etc. to represent their goals and ideas accurately and effectively to the public using digital content. Excitingly enough, a few projects have already begun.

As our team grows, so does the talent. Photographers, editors, and marketing strategists to further support growth. Exist Weddings is experiencing a change in that we have larger availability for dates throughout the summer as well as adding our photography service.

As we enter a new year, a new identity of the company seems fitting. Even in a struggling year, we can look toward the future and see growth. This is Exist the Project, this is our vision and mission and it is only just begun.

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