Becoming Her Own // Grace Stewart // Filmmaker

Grace’s filmmaking story starts as a child spending time with her grandfather. Her grandfather understood the importance of storytelling and instilled that belief in the entire family. It is fairly easy to understand that as a filmmaker, you have to know how to capture and tell a story, and for Grace, that comes naturally. She views videography as capturing “love and life in a jar”. She realizes that videography is the only thing capable of holding onto those emotions permanently. Filmmaking is storytelling written in stone.

Moving down the family tree, Grace’s love of capturing special moments comes from her mother. Her mom has been a professional photographer for most of her life, so truly, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. While in elementary school, Grace would accompany her mom to shoots and literally follow in her mom’s footsteps with her own camera.

While the filmmaker you all see in front of you today owes a great deal of gratitude to her family, she very much has stepped out of her mother’s footsteps and created her own path. Grace is incredibly unique in the way she creates and captures, and unlike so many others, Grace doesn’t want anything handed to her. She wants to create her own name for herself. This is her story, and she’s going to capture it the way she wants. She has become her own.

While she no longer follows in anyone's footsteps, people will definitely be trying to follow in hers.

As you can clearly see, there is no story quite like hers, and there is no story quite like yours. She recognizes this and will take the time to get to know you so she can highlight the real you. Grace wants to be the best filmmaker she can be which means that every time she is behind the camera, capturing your special moments, you are getting nothing but her best. EXIST Media is beyond lucky to have someone as unique and genuine as Grace Stewart, and as a client, you would be just as lucky.