An update from the Launch

Over the last few weeks, our team has been responding to the results of the launch. Exist the Project’s launch was on Jan 2nd, and we are proud of the outcome. We were successful in the basic analytics like website views, Facebook page likes, and shares from friends. We also were lucky enough to obtain some new clients in both the weddings and the creative side of the business. We look forward to sharing about our new creative projects once we begin working on them.

Mostly though, we were able to come together as a team to get the name of Exist out in the world. It was valuable for us to show our legitimacy as a business. We wanted to prove that we are not doing this as a side hustle, but a full-time grind. With our team in various stages of life, some of us will commit to making Exist a full-time gig not far down the road. Projects and partnerships are what will support that leap to full-time. The launch was necessary, and we are grateful for family and friends that supported our vision to grow Exist Media.

So what’s next?

Well, we begin working with our new clients and partners. Our portfolio will grow, and we will continue to seek new projects. We can sit back and reflect on our launch success, but ultimately, it is what is next that dictates our success as a business. Our foundation, like most media companies, is to tell important stories.

The stories we will tell are in each video we produce. In each photoshoot we capture, and every strategy we make with brands. Through years of doing this, we have learned that everyone and everything has a story. It is important to document the things happening right now. The things happening around us. The things that should be expressed and not forgotten. It is why this business began; we saw this in our own lives.

The hardest thing about media marketing is that some business owners, organizations, or movements, might not see the value in having marketable content. It can be hard to understand the return of investment. Truthfully, we have the mindset that media marketing is supportive of any business and any brand. The simplest things often have intense and meaningful stories or narratives. Content is consumed at record highs in today’s world and is only expected to grow. Exposure can significantly shift and support ideas.

Most importantly, we are looking ahead into 2021 with an optimistic mindset. We are excited about all the couples we have the honor to work with. We are pumped to be working with some great partners also.