A Year of Weddings: The Recap of 2021

In 2021 we got to be a part of over 40 wedding days providing video coverage. In editing this wedding reel, there was a realization of how fortunate we are. Being able to connect with so many people, learn their stories, document their day, and provide a video is some of the best experiences in the world. We are passionate about the world of filmmaking and storytelling. Working at weddings allows us to pursue our passion in a meaningful and tangible way. We hear how other creatives get burnt out from doing weddings and after a while, it becomes too much. But, our perspective is quite the opposite. We are blessed to be here. Excited to be doing what we are doing, and get rejuvenated from the craft itself. The entire process of communication, capturing, and creating is one that we are proud to be doing.

After a year of uncertainty, the moments on a wedding day felt more real and admired because often we were wondering if weddings would even happen this year. Being wedding videographers allows us to capture these moments in a candid way. Through shooting details, dresses, first looks, couples shoots, bridal party shoots, the ceremony, the reception, and golden hour, we've learned

this year (like every year) is one built on growth and development for us. In both our creative skills, but also in understanding business and system management. Being a creative isn't just about making good videos. It's about being honest, consistent, and well-intended. It's about the people. The people we are so fortunate to build friendships with. The people that rely on us to create something for them. It's the biggest honor and pleasure we get to experience in our careers. We have felt the quality of our work develop tremendously as it was our first year of operating in a full-time capacity.

One thing we learned this year, is that every wedding is different. There isn't a right or wrong way to do your wedding day. It's about you. Not about the trends, not about the guests or their experience, but YOU.

To our couples of 2021, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so great. Thank you for trusting in us. Thank you for growing with us. Thank you for allowing us to enter into your lives and make something you'll have forever. Without you, we wouldn't be us. To the other vendors we got to work with, thank you for connecting with us with open arms. We've been able to learn so much from others in the industry. Thank you for your time and moments in conversations. To 2022! We are ready and excited for what you're going to bring us :)