A Dream Come True // Nat(alie) Cooper // Photographer and Filmmaker

Nat’s story starts in high school where she asked for a camera one Christmas.

She began by doing mini photoshoots for her friends, but by the time senior year came around, she was doing her friends senior photos, capturing couple shoots, and even dabbling in modeling and makeup. To her, there was no better feeling than capturing the perfect moment in one shot, and in her ideal world, photography was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

However, once high school was over, she went off to college like the traditional 18 year old, and the dream of doing photography professionally was put to the wayside. Then after college, she did the practical thing and got a job relating to her degree. At this point, the dream of professional photography was no longer simply put to the wayside, it was all but dead. That was until EXIST Media came calling.

It wasn’t long after Cody brought her on part time, that the spark was reignited. That spark then quickly turned into a fiery passion that couldn’t be extinguished.

Nat quickly realized that photography was still her dream. She realized that what she was doing for EXIST part time was more important to her than the work she was doing full time with her degree. And this time, she made the decision to choose herself and her dreams and go full time here at EXIST.

While Nat’s journey to her dreams was anything but a straight shot, she could not be any happier with where she is and who she has become in the process. The fulfillment she gets from working here and seeing herself grow was worth every sacrifice she had to make along the way.

Little did anyone know that the camera she asked for in high school would change the course of her life, but I speak for the whole team when I say that we are forever grateful that she got what she wished for that one Christmas. All of us at EXIST are in awe of the photographer and filmmaker Nat is today. Nat being a part of Exist is not only her dream come true, but ours as well.